It is common knowledge now that web presence and online visibility play an important role in helping tradesmen to increase their reach and grow their business. As the realisation about the significance of having a responsive web design continues to sink in, tradesmen are now investing in making their websites mobile-friendly.

Why do we need a mobile-friendly websites?

Today, most of the consumers prefer to access the internet through mobile devices. In such a scenario, having a responsive website design guarantees good user experience that converts into increased business. To add to it, with the release of latest Google mobile friendly update relevance of having a responsive web design for search engine optimisation has increased manifolds. This development can prove to be of particular importance to tradesmen.

The Google mobile friendly update announcement

Recently announced Google mobile friendly update states that from now onwards websites that have a mobile friendly or responsive web design will enjoy higher rankings in Google search results. This development is a result of Google’s intention to encourage the development of good quality websites that provide good user experience. Google explains its initiative to roll out Google mobile friendly update as a part of its efforts to make it easier for the users to find a good quality website.

However the Google mobile friendly update is only to affect website rankings on mobile devices and, in essence, it is applied to individual pages instead of entire websites.

How does the Google mobile friendly update affect search rankings?

We have already mentioned about the growing user trend of accessing the internet through mobile devices and Google mobile friendly update further affirms the fact. It has been made to affect search rankings only on mobile devices which most of the consumers prefer to use today over PCs and desktops. This means that in order to reach out to customers and to retain them, tradesmen need to make sure that they have a mobile friendly website – if they haven’t done so yet. Google mobile friendly update has made it clear that only those online businesses are likely to succeed in the future who will continue to evolve with changing internet trends.

In an environment where competition is rife and increasing day by day, even the most meagre of mistakes can result in a huge setback. Neglecting the implications of Google mobile friendly update can prove to be quite a big mistake on the part of tradesmen for that matter.

Also, now the focus needs to be shifted to making each page of a website mobile-friendly rather than the entire website as a whole. This indicates towards the need to make detailed modifications to a website, taking all relevant factors under consideration.

Tradesmen who view websites as potential tools to facilitate their progress and acknowledge the role these can play in leading them to success surely realise that importance of search rankings. Appearing on the top in search results can do them a lot of good and they need to consider all dynamics that make up the ranking criteria, of which Google mobile friendly update is now an elemental part.

In order to make an impact and increase sales, tradesmen need to invest in the development of websites that meet the standard criteria of Google mobile friendly update. It would be better if they hire expert help for this purpose, as offered by ServiceSites. ServiceSites offers professional web design and development services for responsive web designs which pass Google’s mobile friendly criteria as standard.